Alhaurín de la Torre to open first surfing complex in Andalucía

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Alhaurín de la Torre has announced one of the most important sports projects in the municipality in recent years. The town is set to welcome the first Wavegarden Spain inland professional surfing pool to be installed in Andalucía.

The new 2.2 hectare sports facility will be eco-friendly and has been especially designed to use minimum space. The surfing complex features new technical developments and is able to deliver up to 1,000 perfect, ocean-like waves per hour. At the push of a button, the size, shape, power and frequency of the waves can be adjusted to suit all user groups, transforming conditions in an instant -from small and mellow waves for beginners to powerful barreling waves up to 2.4m for advanced and professional surfers.

The company claims the new installation, which will have a higher frequency of waves than earlier models, will be the most efficient in the world and will minimise the environmental impact with maximum energy efficiency. The pool will use high-efficiency electric motors that transform part of the wave motion into electricity that is used for the treatment of water. In addition, the pool will be integrated into the system of irrigation in the area to minimize waste.

The centre will also include a skateboard park, an artificial beach, restaurants and bars, and a store where equipment can be purchased or hired.

Josema Odriozola, founder and CEO of Wavegarden Spain, said: “We are very pleased to open the first installation in Andalucía. Andalucía boasts a huge population of serious surfers and also many people who would like to learn to surf, and we are confident that our technology will fulfill all expectations. We want this facility to be a world reference at a time that surfing will become recognised in the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.”

Odriozola pointed out that the new complex will have the facilities to support the Spanish surf team in preparation for the 2020 games, and would also provide services for the training of surfers from regional federations and surfing associations.

Wavegarden is a Spanish engineering company dedicated to the research, design, manufacture, installation and operation of world-class wave generating systems and surfing lagoons.

Source: SUR in English, Dec 2018

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