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Known for its multicultural background, Andalusia is a welcoming and warm place for people all around the world. It has a rich oriental and occidental heritage. It is a tale of both cultures, with incredible festivals, restaurants and an undeniably outstanding art scene. Some world-class museums are located in Marbella and its surroundings. Whether you are a fine art connoisseur or you simply are curious to discover new things, this is the place for you.

Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga and Andalucia has also given the world Velázquez and Murillo. The capital is famous for its superb vivacious ambiance and is home to over 30 museums and several art galleries well worth visiting. First stop, Picasso Museum in the heart of the city. The museum showcases some of the artist’s best works in a predominantly chronological order, showing how his work stretched over a period of time. It is quite interesting to witness how both the painter and the man evolved and grew throughout the years.

For contemporary art lovers, don’t miss out on the impressive art display at CAC Malaga. Although the entrance is free of charge, they did not compromise on quality as they are considered to have the best contemporary art collection in Malaga. If by then you are still eager to indulge yourself in some unusual modern art the Pompidou Centre is the place for you. Their collection is relatively small, but includes pieces by some of the greats including Chagall, Giacometti, Magritte, Kahlo and Picasso and mixes paintings, sculptures and video installations.

A must visit! Also discover, 19th century Spanish art at the Carmen Thyssen Museum. Your journey would not be complete without some of the most prestigious display of artwork at the Russian Museum. Unexpectedly one of the best places to discover Russian art, outside of Russia!

Art is not only in museums, the streets of Malaga are full of innovative, brilliant and creative artists. Street-art was traditional a way for them to express bold political statements but it has quickly grown into a real artistic and cultural legacy. Previously known as Ensanche del Muelle Heredia, Soho, the arts district is the heart of the new graffiti culture. Pejac, Faith47, Dadi Dreucol, Manuel Leon, Andi Rivas, some of the biggest name in street art have left their mark in Malaga. This has all helped the city become part of the Google Art Project – the browser’s online virtual gallery.

Marbella has a different essence and aura than Malaga but still holds some amazing art treasures. The Ralli Museum is located on Marbella’s luxurious district Golden Mile. Inaugurated in 2000, it is dedicated to exhibiting contemporary Latin American art. It has one of the most important collections of Latin American art in Europe and features some amazing Dali sculptures.

Founded in 1922, the Spanish Contemporary Engraving Museum is located in a historic building in Marbella’s Old Town and has a wonderful collection of engravings and graphic
art. The collection contains everything from 15th-century engravings through to works by internationally famous artists such as Picasso, Dalí, Tàpies and Miró.


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