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Cities on the Costa Del Sol

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  • Torremolinos

    Málaga, Spain
    A location of settlement for one of the oldest civilizations in the Mediterranean, has made Torremolinos today one of the Costa del Sol's prime destinations. Torremolinos provides an excellent coastline, combined with a pleasant climate year round, just to name a few of the attractions that this Andalusian town has to offer. The history of Torremolinos has developed profound local flavours, in areas such as the seafarers' district, La Carihuela. Over the years, the town still manages to enjoy it's traditional fairs, and festivals to the fullest. The local cuisine also cannot be ignored, as dishes such as “pescaíto” frito (fried fish) for example, serve as their star attraction. Torremolinos, is also located only 12 kilometres from Málaga, meaning a very close proximity to the airport. Read more »
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