La Duquesa

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la Duquesa

La Duquesa is in the municipality of Manilva, halfway between Marbella and Sotogrande and has the most westerly port in Malaga province. The marina is the main attraction of the area. It is surrounded by welcoming hotels and residential developments offering a great holiday with sun, sea and sand. A peaceful place with the perfect combination of Mediterranean light, recreational boating and the traditional sight of small fishing boats setting out each morning.

Manilva is the first coastal town in the province of Malaga after leaving the province of Cadiz and entering the Costa del Sol. Its economy is based mainly on agriculture and fishing but tourism is also increasing due to the surrounding countryside with its many high quality golf courses, one of the largest concentrations in the world.

In this small coastal town you can enjoy many activities and see the evidence of other civilisations who have lived on the coast of Malaga province. At the same time you can try the varied gastronomic offerings: Italian, Asian, French, Argentine and, of course, Spanish. The local cooking is based on a wide variety of fish, but not forgetting one of the best known dishes of the region – gazpacho.

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