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Council approves plan for area for future Fours Seasons hotel

By Mas Property

on Thu Nov 18 2021

The 650-million-euro project for land east of the town centre by the A-7 will also see new public facilities and homes. Councillors in Marbella have given the green light to the initial, local development plan that paves the way for the construction of a Four Seasons hotel resort and other facilities.

The site for the planned 650-million-euro project is alongside the A-7 coastal road, just east of Marbella’s entrance arch.

Councillor María Francisca Caracuel, in charge of Planning, explained that the project for the area will entail a “big economic boost for the Costa del Sol” and during its construction will employ between 3,500 and 4,000 people, as well as creating another thousand jobs when it is up and running.

This is one of the highest profile projects currently in the pipeline in Marbella and affects a site of 325,000 square metres. Of this 103,000 will be used for public facilities, with resources aimed at culture, education, sport, roads, parks and gardens all planned.

The remaining 220,000 square metres will be occupied by the five-star Four Seasons luxury resort, which will have 200 rooms, as well as the construction of 486 houses and apartments, with over half being detached and the others semi-detached.

Councillor Caracuel said, “This is a project of great relevance to the town, with construction expected to last between two and three years.”

The plot is located just a few kilometres from Marbella’s town centre; initial works began on the access roads in 2018.

It has taken several years to get the go ahead for this plan. Councillor Caracuel put this delay down to needing various reports from different sectors, which required coordination between different authorities.

Source: SUR in English, November 2021

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