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Exciting plans unveiled for new 375-million-euro hospital in Malaga

By Mas Property

on Wed Aug 04 2021

There is no specific date for its opening, but the vision of what the future third hospital in Malaga will look like is already a reality.

Juanma Moreno, the president of the Junta de Andalucía, has unveiled the provisional design for the new facility that he defined as of “transcendental importance.”

“We are going to have a first-rate hospital for a first-rate Malaga,” said Moreno, who also announced that it will be the “largest hospital building in all of Andalucía.”

With the possibility of it being a reality in around 2027, the hospital will have services not seen to date in the province. It is expected to have more than 800 patient beds, 42 operating rooms and almost 200 outpatient clinics, in addition to approximately two thousand parking spaces. It will be, said Moreno, “a national reference centre for specialties.”

Located on a site between the Civil Hospital and opposite the Maternal Hospital, the building will have a constructed area of 270,000 square metres, of which 197,000 correspond to the hospital itself, while the rest is divided between the parking and infrastructure. One of the most striking details of the design by Carlos Lamela and Alfonso Casares (from the Lamela and Aidhos architecture studios) is the double connection between the hospitals through two pedestrian walkways.

Juanma Moreno, who was accompanied during the presentation by the city mayor, Francisco de la Torre as well as several councillors, described just seeing the plans is “exciting.”

“The avant-garde design that it raises defines a new model of medicine that is more humane and better quality,” insisted the region’s president who said the Malaga’s third major hospital will be paid for about 375 million euros of public funds.

“There are no specific dates, but I hope that the people of Malaga will soon be able to see works in this area begin,” added Moreno, who said that the presentation was made in August (“and not in September with more media coverage”) to meet the deadlines. “It is not a newspaper headline, but a commitment,” insisted the Andalusian president.

Source: SUR In English, August 2021

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