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Golden Visa

Enjoy Spain and the rest of Europe with a Spanish Golden Visa!

Golden VisaAny non-EU nationals purchasing a property for at least €500,000 can apply for a Golden Visa, which will allow free movement in and out of Spain as well as the 26 countries of the European Schengen zone.

This new law enables non-EU nationals to attain qualified residency permits in return for investing in Spanish real estate (and other assets), leading to permanent residency in Spain if certain conditions are fulfilled.

General Requirements

Applicants need to comply with the following general requirements:

  • Non-EU national.
  • The investor applicant must be of legal age (18-years-old or over).
  • The investor must not hold a criminal record whether in Spain or in the previous five years where he has resided.
  • Not be already in Spain irregularly.
  • Have access to medical insurance whether private or public.
  • Pay the relevant application fee.

Golden Visa Properties

Our portfolio of Golden Visa properties includes some fantastic investment opportunities and various types of properties. You can also choose to purchase more than one property, as long as the total amount invested is at least €500,000 per applicant.

We will introduce you to one of our International Law Firms. During the complimentary first meeting, the lawyers will explain all details of the property purchase and process to obtain your Golden Visa. Once you have chosen your property, your lawyer will undertake all necessary legal work in relation to your property purchase as well as the efficient processing of your Golden Visa application.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Golden Visa in Spain?
It is a new type of residence visa, established by the Law 14/2013, of the 27th of September 2013, aimed at those non-resident foreigners who want to enter the Spanish territory in order to carry out a significant capital investment.
How long does the Visa last?
The initial Residence Visa will be issued for one year and can be renewed for periods of two years, always providing that all requirements under the regulation are met. Your lawyer will arrange for the Visa to be authorised in Diplomatic Missions and Consular Spanish Offices and can be issued for one, two or multiple entries into Spain. After five years of continuous residence, investors can apply for permanent residence in Spain.
Can I buy more than one property?
Yes. The reference of real estate assets made by the law does not mean only one property, and not only one type of property. In any case, the investment of minimum 500.000€ has to be carried out before requesting the visa.
Can I use my Spanish Visa to travel in Europe?
Yes. The investor’s visa authorizes to circulate freely within the “Schengen” area (Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Sweden and Switzerland).
How do I qualify for a Golden Visa?
Any non-EU citizen who makes an investment in Spain qualifies for the Golden Visa. Your investment can consist of:

  • One or more properties to the minimum value of 500,000 euros.
  • Investing a minimum of two million Euros in Spanish government Bonds.
  • Investing a minimum of one million Euros in stocks or shares of Spanish companies, or bank deposits in Spanish banks.
  • Creation of a Business venture in Spain that creates employment or economic development.