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We have compiled a short list of spanish property terms to help assist you with the buying process

Abogado(a) – Spanish lawyer
Adosado – New terraced house
Agua Potable – Mains drinking water
Apartamento – Beachside or mountainside apartment
Aparejador – Building engineer
Aprobado – Passed
Agente de la Propiedad Inmobiliaria (API) – Registered Agent
Arquitecto – Architect
Asesor financiero o fiscal – Financial advisor
Autónomo – Self-employed
Auto Promotor – Self-builder i.e. someone who builds his own house
Aseguradora – Insurance company
Ayuntamiento – Town Hall


Caja – Savings bank
Cargas – Charges and encumbrances (as in mortgages, rights of way etc.)
Casas Cuarteles – Guardia Civil barracks
Caserios – Mansion
Casita – Single-storey house often built as a summer country retreat
Castellano – Spanish language
Catastro – Property register
Centro de Salud – Health centre
Certificado de Fin de Obras – Construction project completion certificate
Certificado de Empadronamiento – Certificate of residency within a specific area
Certifi cado de Ciudadano de la Unión – Registration certificate for an EU citizen
Certifi cado de Residencia – Certificate proving Spanish residency
CIF number (Codigo de Identifi cación Fiscal) – Corporate fiscal number
Comunidad Autónoma – Regional area of Spain (there are 17 and two autonomous cities)
Comunidad de Bienes (CB) – Partnership
Constructor – Builder
Contrato – Contract
Contrato de Arras – A contract stating that the seller has to pay back twice
the amount of the buyer’s deposit if he reneges on the deal
Contrato Privado – Private contract
Contrato indefinido – Permanent (employment) contract
Contrato temporal – Temporary (employment) contract
Corredor – ‘Runner’/informal real estate agent
Cortijos – Huge landowner’s property, normally in Andalucía
Cuotas de Autonomos – Self-employed social security payments


Demanda – Legal summons to start a court action
Denuncia – Legal statement/formal complaint
DNI (Documento Nacional de Identidad) – Spanish personal identity card


Escritura de Propiedad – Property deeds
Escritura de Compaventa – Deed of purchase
Experto de construcción – Building surveyor
Extranjeros – Foreigners

 Finca – Farmhouse


 Gestor – A professional who deals with state-related paperwork and tax returns


Hacienda – Spanish tax office
Hipoteca – Mortgage


IBI (Impuestos de Bienes Inmuebles – Local authority rates

Impuesto de Sucesiones – Inheritance tax

Impuestos sobre la Renta de no Residentes – 3% CGT retention on sale of a property by a non-resident

INE (Instituto Nacional Estatisticas) – National Institute for Statistics
Inmobiliaria – Estate agent
Inmobiliaria – Real estate/property
ITV (Inspecion Técnica de Veculos) – Spanish Vehicle MOT
IVA (Impuesto sobre el Valor Añadido) – Spanish VAT


La Renta – Capital Gains Tax

Licencia de Primera Ocupación – First Occupation Licence or occupancy permit

Litigo – Litigation

Médico – Doctor
Médico de Familia – General practitioner
Memoria de calidades – Specification
Memoria de trabajo – Schedule of works
Metres constuidos – Total m2 of a property (including all space taken up by internal walls and supporting pillars etc.)
Metros útiles – m2 area of a property that is useable space


Nómina – Salary/payroll
Nota simple – Certificate issued by the Property Registry describing a property
NIE (Numero de Identifi catión de Extranjero) – Individual fiscal number for non-Spaniard
NIF (Numero de identifi cacion fi scal) – Spanish ID number
Notario – Professional who certifi es documents as legal

Obras menor – Small works
OCT (Organismo de Control Técnico) – Building Control
Oficina de Extranjeros – Foreigners’ Office


Parcela – Plot of land
Pensionista – Pensioner (over 65)
Perito de obras – Building surveyor
Piso – A non beach front flat or apartment
Poder Notarial – Power of attorney
Plan Parcial – Development plan for a specific local area
Planeamiento Urbanistico – Urban development plan
Policia Local – Police (with restricted powers) appointed by the local town hall
Policia Nacional – Police in charge of urban areas
Póliza de seguro – Insurance policy
Procurador – Communication link between your lawyer and a court
Protegido – Protected (as in land)
Proyecto de la Ejecución – Formal construction project

Registrador – Registrar
Registro Central de Extranjeros – National Register of Foreigners
Registro Central de Ultimas Voluntades – Central Registry of Wills
Registro de la Propiedad – Land Registry
Residencia de terceraedad – Residence for the elderly
Residente fiscal – Tax resident
Rústico – Agricultural land

Se Alquila – For Rent
Se Vende – For Sale
Seguridad y Salud – Health and safety
Seguro Decenal – 10-year structural faults’ insurance backed guarantee
SIP (Sistema de Informacion Poblacional) card – Spanish national health card
Sociedad Anonima (SA) – Public company
Sociedad Limitada (SL) – Limited Company
Sociedad Limitada Unipersonal (SLU) – Limited Company with a single share-holder
Solar – A fully urbanised building plot


Tasación – Valuation
Tasador – Bank valuer/assessor
Tarjeta Sanitaria – Europea European Health Card (EHC)

Urbanización – Housing estate

Urbanizable – The legal designation of land as it changes from rústico to urbano
Urbanizado – Where a full infrastructure has been installed.
Usufructo – A right to use/live in a given property

Valor Catastral – Value as calculated by the town hall

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