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June property sales in Andalucía reach 13-year high!

By Mas Property

on Mon Aug 09 2021

As the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on the Spanish property market continues to subside evidence is accumulating that in Andalucía sales activity has returned to pre-coronavirus levels.

The latest provisional figures published by the national government on Friday the 6th of August, relating to the month of June, report that 9,945 homes in the region changed hands during the month. This not only represents an increase of 88.4 per cent over the figure for the same month last year, when the aftermath of the first lockdown affected activity severely, but also the highest total since June 2008, as the national property market collapsed following the bursting of the speculative construction and buying boom.

Equally encouraging is the long-term picture given by the rolling 12-monthly total, which now stands at 98,246 sales since July 2020. With the first pandemic months of March to June 2020 having been washed out of the total it has risen by 11.3 per cent over the last 12 months and by 18.6 per cent in just four months, and is now practically on a par with the figures which were being reported prior to the pandemic.

Due to the distortion of figures in the spring of 2020 it is no surprise to learn that that during April all 17 regions of Spain reported year-on-year increases in sales, with the national average rise being 73.5 per cent. The sharpest increases are reported in Madrid (99 per cent), Aragón (89 per cent) and Andalucía (88 per cent), while the least significant rise was in the northern region of Cantabria (24 per cent).

In the eight provinces of Andalucía the year-on-year increases reported in sales activity were 141 per cent in Cádiz, 135 per cent in Jaén, 118 per cent in Sevilla, 83 per cent in Almería, 86 per cent in Córdoba, 62 per cent in Granada, 66 per cent in Málaga and 41 per cent in Huelva.

Source: Andalucia Today, August 2021

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