Junta approves plan to administer half a million coronavirus vaccines per week

The aim is to have 70 per cent of the population inoculated with both doses by summer.

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Andalucía’s regional government however has stressed that it needs the supplies from central government to achieve its target to have 70 per cent of the population inoculated with both doses by summer.

The Junta de Andalucía has revealed details of its ambitious plan to inject 500,000 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine every week to achieve the goal of having 70 per cent of the population inoculated with both of their doses by summer. However, the regional government stresses that its plan is dependant on receiving supplies of the vaccines from central government.

Announcing the approval of the ‘Plan 500,000’ this Tuesday (16 February) Andalusian government spokesman Elías Bendodo said, “We have the spaces and health personnel ready to carry it out.”

“Andalucía is not going to fail. We want the highest possible percentage of people immunised by summer, which will save lives and save the economy as a whole. But for this to happen, the doses must arrive,” said Bendodo.

The spokesman said that the regional government has signed agreements with different Andalusian universities to be able to vaccinate within the campuses “given that they are wide spaces with large parking areas”.

Top gear

Speaking on the rate of vaccination in the region, Bendodo said that Andalucía is a “benchmark in Spain” in supply and that “one in five vaccinated Spaniards is Andalusian”.

“We expect an increase in the delivery of doses for March-April and we will be ready to move into top gear,” he added.

The Junta’s Minister of Health, Jesús Aguirre, explained that the region has already injected 469,000 doses and that 14,000 nurses have been trained to continue increasing the pace once more units are received. He also confirmed that technical groups have already visited sites to identify more mass vaccination venues.

“These could be fairgrounds, stadiums, conference centres, sports centres, parking areas or marquees,” he revealed.

Source: Sur in English, February 2021.

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