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Property prices in Andalusia, Spain are up 9 per cent since last July

By Mas Property

on Mon Sep 20 2021

House prices rose more than the Spanish average, while the number of property sales also increased.

Property sales in the region of Andalucía, Spain rose by 30.5% year-on-year in July, above the national average. The average price per square metre of property in Andalucía also saw a year-on-year increase of 9%, according to Spain’s General Council of Notaries. At a national level, the sale of homes rose by 22.9% during the month of July, reaching 64,039 units, while the average price per square metre stood at 1,475 euros, showing an increase of 2.2% since last year.   According to the Notaries, the sale of housing grew in all the autonomous communities. The highest increase was registered in Cantabria (55.5% increase) and the lowest in Navarra (0.4% increase).

The regions with a higher increase than the national average were: Cantabria (55.5% increase), La Rioja (43.1% increase), Catalonia (40.2% increase), Andalusia (30.5% increase) and the Valencia Community (24.8% increase).   By type of property, the sale of apartments increased 23.3%, reaching 47,505 units, while single-family property sales increased 21.6%, reaching 16,533 units. Meanwhile, apartment prices decreased by 4% compared to July 2020, at 1,624 euros per square metre, while the price of single-family homes averaged 1,260 euros per square metre, a 17.9% increase.  

Price per square metre

 Meanwhile, the price per square metre rose by 2.2% nationally, although showing a high inter territorial disparity; the figures show an increase in twelve autonomies while there was a decrease in the price of housing in the remaining five.   By order of magnitude, two-digit increases in property prices were registered in: Galicia (19.5%), Aragon and the Balearic Islands (11.9%), La Rioja (11%) and the Canary Islands (10.7%), followed by more moderate increases in: Andalusia (9%), Extremadura and Cantabria (7.3%), Murcia (6.8%), Castilla-La Mancha (5.5%), Valencian Community (4.4%) and Madrid (2.8%).   On the other hand, house prices dropped in Navarra (10.5%), the Basque Country (5.8%), Castilla y León (3.4%), Asturias (3.1%) and Catalonia (2.1%).

Source: Andalucia Today, September 2021

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