The provisional data for September show a year-on-year rise of only 0.1 per cent

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The latest provisional data published by the Spanish government’s central statistics unit on Monday show that the annual inflation rate in August was just 0.1 per cent, 0.2 points lower than in the definitive report for the previous month and the lowest since September 2016, when a long period of negative inflation came to an end.

Economists are still not expecting a return to the long period of zero or negative inflation which came to an end in late 2016, attributing the dip in September to the continuing fall in the prices of electricity and fuel, but the latest figures confirm a downward trend which began in April this year and it appears possible that by the end of 2019 the index will be back below zero. The advance bulletin for September also reports that the retail price index remained steady during the month, with neither upward nor downward movement.

As ever, it should be pointed out that these are only provisional data, but there is unlikely to be much variation when the final figures for the month are published during October.

Published 30/09/2019
Source: Spain News Today

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