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Property Maintenance Expenses

There are currently three types of annual fees that must be paid by owners of properties in Spain:

  • IBI (Property Tax). It is a local tax that must be paid every year both by residents and non residents. In some municipalities, rubbish collection tax is also paid.
  • Wealth Tax
  • Non Residents Income Tax Expenses and fees related to maintaining the property.

Expenses related to maintaining the property

  • Expenses related to utilities (water, electricity, gas, etc.) depend on the consumption (although some municipalities have fixed rates). The invoices for the supplies are directly debited to your bank account.
  • Community of Owner fees are the fees that the owner of a property located in an urbanization or block must pay for the maintenance of the common areas (garden, swimming pool, etc). If the property is not in an urbanization or block, these fees may not have to be paid, but other expenses such as gardening and rubbish collection may be obligatory.

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